Proper Display of the Panamanian Flag

Proper Display of the Panamanian Flag

The Panama Canal Authority Regulation on Navigation in Panama Canal Waters, Article 26, Section Four, Chapter I, Requirements and prohibitions, states that “All vessels shall display the Panamanian flag from dawn to 1800 hours while they are in Panama Canal waters and may also display their national and house flags.”

The following information governs the proper manner to display the Panamanian flag on vessels while in Panama Canal waters, including the anchorages.

The Panamanian flag is divided into four rectangles of equal size. The top two quadrants are white with a five-point blue star in the center on the hoist side and plain red. The bottom two quadrants are plain blue on the hoist side and white with a five-point red star in the center.

The flag must be displayed with the white quadrant with the blue star on top, adjacent to the flagpole, leaving the blue quadrant directly below and adjacent to the flagpole.

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