Air Conditioning System & Transit Pilot Cabin

Air Conditioning System & Transit Pilot Cabin

The air conditioning system is part of the vessel’s equipment, and as such, should be available for use during transit in the wheelhouse and all pilot accommodations. If the air conditioning unit is not working properly or is unable to maintain temperatures between 21 °C and 26°C, and a relative humidity between 40% and 70%, the condition must be reported prior to transit. If a malfunction is detected once the transit pilot is on board the vessel, or during transit, the vessel will be subject to a disruption charge and other applicable charges such as pilotage and launches. 

In addition, vessels shall provide a cabin that is clean, serviceable, darkened and equivalent to an officer´s cabin for use by the transit pilot. These cabins should have a private working toilet facility. Vessels that fail to comply with this requirement may also be subject to delays and additional charges, including the disruption charge.

Inoperative or improper function of air conditioning system and inadequate sanitary facilities (galley; pilot cabin; mooring areas) are major deficiencies which may cause the application of high impact disruption charges (ranging between US $49,000.00 – $250,000.00 depending on vessel size/type) in case detected while in transit (underway).

The high Impact tariff applies when a vessel is scheduled for transit with pilot (s) on board and underway or during transit, and at the request of the vessel or due to fault (s) attributable to the vessel, it is unable to continue its original schedule. It also applies to vessels that, due to their special conditions or characteristics, require the approval from the Office of the Canal Port Captain to begin or continue their transit with restrictions that adversely affect transit operation.

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