Painting / Touching Loadline Marks (Plimsoll Lines)

Painting / Touching Loadline Marks (Plimsoll Lines)

While waiting at the anchorage (Pacific or Atlantic) for transit and weather permitting, Master / Owners can take advantage to perform various maintenance jobs including painting / touching of Plimsoll lines.

Master / vessel need to advise their respective agency, submit MSDS of paints to be used, describe exact scope of paint job and ask for Canal Port Captain’s authorization.

Authorization may be granted by Canal Port Captains subject to the following conditions:

  1. Vessel’s Master and crew shall refrain from polluting the environment with paint, scaling, or other byproducts from this operation
  2. Any painting beyond this scope or utilizing any other paint not reviewed will require a separate approval.
  3. Any mishap or pollution event shall be immediately reported to the Panama Canal Port   Captain.
  4. Actual start time and end time must be communicated to the Balboa Harbor / Marine Traffic control: 272 42 05 and Flamenco Signal Station VHF Ch12 / 272 57 17 or Cristobal signal Station in the Atlantic VHF Ch12.
    In case of any emergency, contact the Port Captain’s Office (272-4215/443 2207).
  5. No painting is permitted in the rain nor if the wind exceeds 10kts
  6. Remember that painting permission of the HULL is NOT granted as Panama Canal policy.

For any further information or assistance, feel free to contact us.

Paints supplies, painting / repair materials and qualified/experienced team, labour and/or workshop(s) to perform paint / touch up job(s) can be arranged through our office.

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